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WSSRA Enriching Lives Through Recreation

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WSSRAWSSRA offers programs for persons with a wide range of disabilities and handicapping conditions. See the list of disabillities served here.

Who leads the programs?
Because our participants often have unique needs, our full time staff includes Recreation Specialists, all of whom have degrees in Therapeutic Recreation or a related field. They are responsible for the planning and implantation of our programs, We also hire part time and seasonal employees, as well as volunteers to assist in programs. Participants receive individualized supervision up to a 1:1 ratio when necessary.

Are there program fees?
Fees charged for programs are comparable to those charged in regular park district or recreation department programs. Additional fees are charged for transportation. WSSRA does not want the cost of programs to prevent participation. Scholarships and payment plans are available. Association staff work with outside funding sources as well.

What type of programs are offered?
Our programs reflect the mood and the activities of the changing seasons. Age-appropriate recreation opportunities are designed to meet the individual needs of each participant. Over 65 weekly programs and special events are offered each season.

The variety of programs include:

Arts and Culture
Social Clubs
Toy Lending (Lekotek)
Day Camps/Away Camps
Special Olympics
Community Trips
Skill Development

WSSRA also offers special events and family activities throughout the year.

When are Programs?
WSSRA wants to ensure that leisure opportunities are available when other services, such as work and school are not. Programs for school aged children are offered after school and on weekends. Teen and adult programs are usually offered in the evening and on weekends. Programs are offered during the day and evening for adults with sensory, mobility, mental health, and developmental impairments.

WSSRA ProgramsWhere are Programs?
Programs are conducted in over 75 community settings including recreation facilities, pools, parks, fitness clubs, art studios, schools, museums, and churches. WSSRA strives to provide programs in centralized locations that are as close to home and school as possible. We recreate in all the places persons without disabilities go to have fun. Because WSSRA is an extension of the partner communities, we hold many of are programs in park district/village facilities.

Participation in WSSRA Programs Will:

  • Foster social development
  • Provide opportunity for satisfaction
  • Enable social acceptance
  • Teach new activity skills
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve fitness
  • Foster independence
  • Develop motor skills
  • Increase communication
  • Improve Cooperation
  • Improve self-control
  • Provide role modeling
  • Reduce depression
  • Foster family unity
  • Develop new friendships

What Other Services are Available Through WSSRA?
WSSRA provides indirect services including consultation with other agencies serving special populations, and information and referral for participants to other agencies. WSSRA also offers several cooperative recreational programs with local agencies serving persons with disabilities.

WSSRA is committed to providing new and challenging recreation experiences for persons who have a disability. You have a choice to participate in your local park district or recreation department programs as well as WSSRA programs.